Quesabesde Olympus interview translated in bullet point form

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Quesabesde Olympus interview translated in bullet point form

In a nutshell:

  • Olympus is trying to go with the needs of the market. Consumers keep wanting to combine reduced size with comfortability of use (talking about the new compact that is going to compete vs LX5/Canon S9x series).

  • That market not as big, but there are people who want them and the margin's good, so it's profitable.

[on the E-5]

Q: "Going back to the E-5, many consider it a logical evolution or a disappointment, evidence of the end of a system. Which vision should we end with?"

  • Responding to this is understanding the market. 4/3rds didn't end nor this is "the micro four thirds moment". The market goes mirror less with interchangeable lenses, so we decide to follow what's evident.

  • Our mirror less are called Pens and Pens will be all in the future.

  • When we can develop them at all levels (entry to pro), no more SLR's as the SLR's will be Pens

Q: "Is the E-5 the last 4/rds?"

  • Not decided yet. Depends how fast we can make the Pens perform like the SLR's

  • Today we don't have them, thus we present the E-5 which should satisfy many users

  • It's true that perhaps the specs aren't up to what many expected, but I am afraid, you can't have everything.

  • We are working before anyone and more than anyone on technologies of the future, and we have come out with the E-5 for those who have lots of Zuiko lenses.

Q: "No more 4/3rd lenses?"

  • No, no more 4/3rd lenses.

  • We have the biggest digital lens catalog in the market

  • We cover pretty much all the bases that we pondered in its time

  • Our engineers focused now on making micro four thirds as good as four thirds (raist: lenses I believe it means in this case)

Q: "So the 100mm macro will never see the light..."

  • The famous 100mm macro. Correct, it is no longer in development. It's official.

  • Because of situations like this we will be more careful when explaining future plans from now on.

  • Tons of economic and strategic forces influence these kind of developments.

  • We can assure in 2011 we will launch several interesting micro four third lenses (raist: finally, some good lenses for u4/3rds!)

Q: "Interchangeable mirror less has been growing and new companies like Sony and Samsung are now here, followed soon by Nikon. What causes more fear, the arrival of Sony/Samsung or Nikon's future arrival"

  • Fear? None. We are happy the world comes. It proves we are once again at the forefront.

  • That which is the pioneer is sometimes mocked but in the end everyone follows him. With micro four thirds the same has happened."

Q: "No risk of the new comers catching up and diluting the advantage? For example what happened with the andi-dust feature..."

  • We are 3 years ahead of the competition, it takes time to optimize these systems

  • We will see the potential of the Pen system fleshing out, those who come later, continue going later (as in playing catchup)

  • The important thing is that for a time only two brands have had the 80% of the world DSLR market and those two don't participate in this new situation (raist: market)

Q: "Then wasn't this the right time to put forward yet a new micro four thirds model?"

  • We have our roadmap and evidently not the competition's. We will launch the products when they are ready.

  • We will soon see new Olympus products. Everything at its time. Soon, very soon. I can't say concretely , when they are going to arrive.

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