Olympus FT future? :(

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Re: Would anything keep you happy?

lianaboy wrote:

Exactly, the commitment to FT system is definitelly missing from Olympus...they are focusing on the mFT and it seems abandoning the FT...which is so sad, because the FT could definitelly benefit from the mFT development...

I think that is not quite the case. Olympus have thrown a lifeline to E-3 owners with the upgrading of the internals; it is not a new model by their usual standard, but, I believe, it is their very commitment to 4/3 quality that prompted them to produce the, for them, unique in-line upgrade of the E-3 because they realised that the proposed replacement technology was too far away from the required standard. Personally, I wish they would continue with in-line replacement as they introduce new features to m4/3, or, at least trickle them up to 4/3 at shorter intervals. The drawback to trickle-up vs trickle-down when your high-end bodies are being used by photographers to earn a living is that they are unlikely to wait around for three years to see useful features incorporated into the high-end bodies from the low-end ones. Given the relative pricing of 4/3 to m4/3 it is natural that those who are paying the most would wish to see improvements first. If Olympus could ensure that 4/3 was, whenever possible, kept current with m4/3 I think that would take a lot of the pressure off them to deliver the convergence body to 4/3 and reduce the perception of 4/3 owners that they had been abandoned.



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