Disappointed with the announcement of the K-5

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Disappointed with the announcement of the K-5

What was Pentax doing? The K-5 is essentially a K-7, except they plunked in a mid-range sensor that cheaper models from other companies have. It's the same mid-range sensor that's in the Sony A55 which has a MSRP of $749. It's in the same sensor found in the Nikon D7000 that has a MSRP of $1199.

But no, Pentax has decided it's going to put it in their "flagship" dSLR. For $1599.

Not even dual SDHC slots? No better-than-the-competition viewfinder? There's no definite word on AF performance (other than that bizarre youtube video of that guy taking pictures of unknown objects in an unknown mode to prove an unknown point). It's obviously not winning any points on "value." No increase in X-sync? 8 frame buffer at 7FPS, and 17 frames at 3.3FPS? Wait, huh? Doesn't my K20D already do close to that (I think it's 15 frames)?

Seriously. I've honestly lost all reason to buy Pentax anymore. They don't excel in anything in particular (they're still playing catchup with other brands, albeit less so these days) but as an (unacceptable) compromise, they've jacked up the price to essentially lose anyone who invested in affordable Pentax glass because the camera bodies represented such a great value.

It's unfortunate that this camera will be defended by those who buy a camera because of its brand, rather than buying a brand because of its cameras. I have to laugh at those who are grasping at straws right now. "The build quality..." Yeah, because that's about all you have left to pretend to care about. Competitors have caught up or continue to exceed Pentax in just about every other category. You stick with things that can't be easily quantified (build quality) or things other companies have chosen not to implement (SR). I don't know about you, but I choose cameras on three criteria. Value, image quality, and performance. Things like price (value), low ISO and high ISO image quality and DR (image quality), and buffer size/speed and AF (performance). The value is no longer there, the image quality will be similar/equivalent to any number of other cheaper alternatives, and the performance is still lacking. So what's the selling point? (that's a rhetorical question - if you say build quality, I'm going to assume you're just copying and pasting Pentax promotional marketing statements in forums to staunch the bleeding discontent you're expecting from the result of phoning in dSLR development the last two years )

I hope the K-5 flops. I hope with all my heart the K-5 sells horribly, and all the review sites lambaste it for representing a camera that no one should buy because it's overpriced and underwhelming. Maybe it'll send a message that if I wanted to buy a $1699 camera that performs like the K-5, I'd have bought a Nikon D300s last year and gotten a better deal on a better camera.

You drop the price of the K-5 down to $999 MSRP, I'll buy it in a year when it drops down to below $750 and becomes an amazing value. If Pentax continues with this continued trend of having "higher than the competition prices" with "lower than the competition performance," and I'll start investing in Nikon glass again. At least I can get an affordable 35mm f/1.8.

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