The e-5 Jpeg experiment.

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Oh, and you're such a big help. Like the second message in this thread where u post a couple of pictures and make some cryptic pronouncement that no one could figure out. Numerous questions asking WTF your pictures proved or even what camera took them went ignored by you. But then u stop in to berate someone for how they post? Get real.

mfbernstein wrote:

Bootstrap wrote:

How many times, in this thread, has he changed the subject?

Until you wandered in with your typical non-remarks, the topic was quite clear.

He has inferred that he's seen production E-5 raw files and jpegs yet later moonwalks off of that and says that's not what it's about. I believe that the intent of his post, according to Ricardo's latest posts is that he sees no reason to shoot raw. Well, good for him. I chose, years ago, to shoot 100% raw but don't jam it down anyone's throat. It's simply a choice.

Yeah, because a thread in a forum could force you to shoot RAW?

It's great that you feel that you own the place, but you do know that your keen wit and profound wisdom on all things Olympus is not required in every-single thread that Raist posts?

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