WHAT! $1700!.... ummm

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Re: WHAT! $1700!.... ummm

bgshutter wrote:

I am a big fan of fujifilm ever since film days!

Me too. I'm a long time Fuji user, but the F100fd was the last camera that I got excited about though.

I really, really, really like the design (Kind of reminds me so much of the Fujica Rangefinders of past), focal length, and the hybrid OVF/EVF which is brilliant thinking by the way.

Agree. I really like the way this camera looks.

I have reservations on the price.
What is your opinion?

$1700 would be way, way too much . I can't see Fuji selling this thing at an exclusive price. Only Leica fanatics are stupid enough to pay that much for a compact camera. I can see this thing selling for $600-800, around $999 would be the absolute maximum and even that would hurt the sales badly. Anything above a three figure price would be suicide for Fuji. People will rather buy a Panasonic GF1 + 20/1.7 or an Olympus + 20/1.7 for a lot less money (myself included). If Fuji want's to establish a market position on the mirrorless camera segment, it will have to make the price something reasonable.

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