Exposure on LCD monitor inacurate

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Not a setting

I find the rear screen rather accurate in terms of colors and "overall" preview of what the shot may be but I do not trust it at all for the metering rendition and even the focus. Of course you can zoom in and check a tiny detail but sometimes I keep useless shots and probably deleted some that could have been usable.

Even if detailed and nice, the screen is still too small and punchy vs my Eizo or any real calibrated screen. I just check like anybody and discard some pictures but only the really bad ones.

No specific setting can help you out as far as I know but maybe turn off the auto-back lighting if possible.

My previous 5D was the same and the 20D even worst as smaller, way smaller...

Bryan James wrote:

Thanks, I have come from using a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark11 and always found the monitor very acurate, small but acurate. I always use a handheld meter, however somtimes certain shots call for just using the cameras internal metering system and I was just surprised/shocked compared to my last camera how inacurate this particular monitor is, and was wondering in comparison why? Or if it is a setting I have rather than the monitor?

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