Thoughts on the D7000

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Re: Thoughts on the D7000

Personally I'm looking at the D7000 more as an adjunct to my D700 and to replace my (now dead) D300 as a backup to my D700.

We really won't know how the D7000 performs until a bunch of folks have used them, but my best guess would be that while it will have improved high ISO compared to the DX cameras that came before it, that the D700 will still be in a different league. I read a lot on the forums about how it will match the D700 in noise or be close but the thing to remember is that the reason the D700 is so good is that it's low in noise - but more importantly, IMO, that at higher ISO it maintains detail and even more importantly, maintains tonality - it's those two latter characteristics that make is the superior high ISO camera that it is. It's the same reason a D300 file run through some noise reduction software, no matter how good it is, just doesn't match up to a D700 file in the tougher scenarios - you might be able to get the grain/grit/noise reduced to get close to where the D700 file lives, but the tonality and quality of that manipulated/noise-reduced file is, IMO, nowhere close to being of the same quality.

So I'm interested in the D7000 actually more for it's low ISO performance - I don't know if it will match the tonal qualities of the D700 even there, but if it's a closer match than the d300 was, I'll be happy. I'm just saying we have to get real about the D7000's higher ISO capabilities - I just seriously don't expect the D700 is going to be dethroned by a DX body just yet.

In your case - it all depends on how much you value the quality of the D700 files weighted against the heavier body. There are definitely times I'd like something lighter/smaller myself and that's another reason in the future I'll likely carry both of them along - best tool for the job and all of that. But until we've got a reasonable sample of skilled users who have shot with the D7000 and put it through it's paces, we won't really know what it's image quality will really be.


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