Fuji = F30, Pany = LX3. What's Canon's cult camera?

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Re: S400 (n/t)

As elphs go, no doubt. Many times i see it said that nothing they have released has been as good as far as the pic quality, in good light at least. At it's best, and granted it's flaws include not always being at it's best depending on light, but when it was the pic quality is just beyond criticism IMO. i mean, you could cite resolution or find something with your photographer's eye while pixel peeping. But what i see when looking at my old s400's pics with my layman's eye is a look that has the unusual quality of standing there looking at the scene in person instead of a photo. I've seen a million great shots for many supposedly great cameras here over the years. But i have never seen any others that give me that feeling. I don't even know what it is about them that is accountable for that, but if they could make a canon today like that but with higher resolution and todays HD video, i would be so in ! It would also probably be my last camera. If not for my lust for great video i'd still have the S400 today.

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