New GH1 shot Movie about Land Speed Record at Bonneville Salt Flats

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Re: New GH1 shot Movie about Land Speed Record at Bonneville Salt Flats

monkeyking wrote:

Nice work! Was this shot on a hacked GH1?

No, this is a regular GH1 with the latest software update, using 14-140 for the most footage, plus some with 7-14.

It looks terrific. How did you record the audio, it sounds better than just using the camera mic on the interviews?

I wish I had the external mic, but I used the onboard stereo mic and it did fine. I had to cut out some footage due to poor sounds, as loud bikes would pass during the shoot, otherwise, the camera is pretty much stock.

The sunlight is really strong on those flats - did you use any polarizers? Did the salt affect your gear at all?

I have a UV filter on the 14-140. Luckily the salt was really hard this year, and it didn't stick to things and didn't affect the camera. I was there in 2007, where it was very fluffy and fine and it would get into gear. There a sealed camera was a must. This year it was a lot easier to shoot.

I think you could have improved the pacing by using cutaways during the long 2 person interview in the beginning, but it did give the audience more time to ogle those beautiful racing machines.

I wanted them to set the tone. Why bikes on salt, why devote so many years, specially the father and son connection, and then show the action. Also I wanted to make this video as short as possible. So, was very aware not to add too much content.

It must have been difficult to use the lvf in those bright conditions.

Actually all worked great , both the LCD and the LVF. I set the LCD to the brightest point. Meaning take it out of auto mode. I like it max bright all the time.

Good show.

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