Thoughts on the D7000

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Re: Thoughts on the D7000

Sean Drewek wrote:

Just and amature/enthusiest and I currently shoot with the D700 and 24-70mm. Fantastic combo with wonderful IQ and high ISO ability. But for me it is a boat anchor, big heavy and impractical for grab and go with the family. I have ordered the D7000 and will see for myself how close it can come to the D700 for my needs. If it can get close on ISO and usability it may allow me to sell the D700, if not I will keep both and use the D7000 for travel and general walk around. I am hoping that the D7000 + 17-55mm f/2.8 can get me where I need to be. I would love to switch back to DX, as there are a lot of benefits include price, weight (Bodies and lens) and DX advantage on longer glass. I know the D700 successor will be better, but the D700 capabilities are all I need. I really need smaller, lighter and less expensive with close to the same IQ. I realize that time and advances in technology will eventually get me there, but I am interested to see how close a camera like the D7000 is to this goal.

Anyone else thinking the same thing?

The size, and yet high quality build is definitly the major advantage a D7000 to me. However, I would not pair it with the 17-55, since it is rather heavy and defeats the purpose of going compact.

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