Re: Fujifilm unveils FinePix X100 large-sensor compact

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The XPan was a Fuji TX-1

Fabio Amodeo wrote:

CFynn wrote:

Almost as good as - remember Fuji produced the Leica X-Pan (camera & lens).

The X-Pan was a Hasselblad.

The XPan was a Fuji.

  • 1996, Hasselblad, to all intents and purposes, went bankrupt. They were bought by UBS AG (a Swiss investment firm) and CINven (a British investment firm). The new owners shut down all Hasselblad engineering, and licensed two Fuji products to be branded as Hasselblads.

  • 1998, the Fuji TX-1 goes on sale in Europe and America as the Hasselblad XPan. It continues to be sold as the Fuji TX-1 in Asia, and gray market TX-1 often appear in Europe and America.

  • 2002, the Fuji GX645 goes on sale in Europe and America as the Hasselblad H1.

We won't get into the fate of the Fuji DX-2000 and the Shriro purchase of Imacon...

Nice camera, wonderful 45mm lens. I agree, I want the new baby. 2011 is too far away.

It's too close for me

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