Used Nikkor 28-70 or a New Tamron 28-75?

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Re: With respect to sharpness, the Tamron 28-75 equals the Nikon 28-70

I am one that really likes my Tamron but I'm soon going to add either the beast or its successor. No question that the very center portion of the Tamron is very sweet but if you need anything more than the center sharp it will dissapoint, not many times I need it, but sometimes F4 or even F8 it is a bit soft for some shots.

There is no cheating optics, the Tarmon is smaller and lighter and has fancy elements etc. etc, but sometimes size and $ are required for the very best.

Love it, still a screaming value and suitable for 95% of my wide open shots, but ....

Mannypr wrote:

It's incredible that someone here said that the Tamron is only sharp at F8 . He must have a bad copy because my copy is extremely sharp from edge to edge by f4 onward and center sharp with slightly soft edges at 2.8 . I've got six lens including Sigma 105 macro and this lens is almost as sharp as the Sigma edge to edge from f4 onward at ANY focal lenght ! Only the extreme edges are slightly soft at 2.8 with excelent center sharpness.

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