is there any EF to A mount adapter?

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Re: is there any EF to A mount adapter?

Er, shortest, rather than longest - it's the shortness that allows adaptors to fit between the camera and lenses designed with a longer flange focal distance. It's a large part of the reason why there's no adaptor, the rest being the slightly awkward nature of matching electrical contacts.

Mike K wrote:

The EF mount (sensor to outer flange) is among the longest in the 35mm SLR industry. Thus you can use this longer mount distance for the depth of an adapter to mount other lenses to Canon, but Canon lenses cannot be mounted to other camera bodies. For example Nikon lenses can be mounted on a Canon body, but not the other way around. More choices for Canon owners.

Also for this reason, there are very few lenses (medium format) capable of being adapted to Sony alpha.
Mike K

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