Going from 7D to 5DMKII ... Will I be able to get used to the auto focus?

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Re: the bottom line

That thread was a very specific test of RAW only with all in camera NR turned off and was primarily testing high ISOs 3200+ side by side. I didn't come across anything in the test that would particularly invalidate it.

I am not sure if 550d is the same as 7D, but I have been led to believe that they are essentially the same sensor, so I would expect similiar results. Some of your observations might have to do with how you tested your results: in camera Jpegs? camera NR settings?

My own personal experience is that while 7D seems to exhibit noise at all ISOs, it is very easily cleaned up in PP since it is mostly lum. noise. Color noise is very well controlled until ISO 1600. For folks printing bill board size pictures, this sure matters (why would they use a 7D or 5D2, maybe medium format), but for printing upto 30" it probably doesnt with reasonable PP.

harold1968 wrote:
I have to strongly disagree

I had a 550d and the 5dii was clearly the same quality at 3200 then the 550d was at 400, or in bright conditions 800

vvume wrote:

Even this is now suspect. More like 2/3rd stop high iso benefit (offset by potential banding) and cleaner images from 100-1600 ISO. See this thread on POTN here. Seriously, the primary reason to get a FF should be for DOF.


harold1968 wrote:

is that the 5DII has superior pixel level detail and about 2 stops better ISO

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