1dmkIV or 5Dmk2?

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1dmkIV or 5Dmk2?

I am going to upgrade my aging 1dmkII and need some help with choosing between 1d4 or 5d2. I use the 1dmkII with a 20d as a backup (so an upgrade is long overdue!). I shoot semi pro - work is photographing cars and I use the camera personally as well - main use being concert photos and candid portraits. The 1dmkII will be kept as a backup - even though I can't remember when I last used the 20d.

The pro part of my work means we have to produce work for the web - but also pro quality images for overseas customers. The concert photography means high ISO is a must. Current lenses include

  • Canon 28-70L

  • Canon 70-200L

  • Tokina 11-16 2.8 ATX

  • Tamron SP90

and a couple more (50mm 1.8, SamYang 8mm)

I sold a 17-40L as it didn't work at all well with the 1DmkII and replaced it with the Tokina. I sold a 300mm 2.8L as it didn't get used! Current problems are that the Tokina is great for car interiors on the 1.3 body but I need to swap to the 28-70 for the exterior shots. The L lenses are superb for portraits and concert photos but the ISO capabilities (noise) of the 1dmkII mean that I can't get the shots I want and flash at concerts isn't an option. I'm also not an expert with flash.....

The 5dmk2 would be ideal for the pro aspect and FF would help with the problems of shooting car interiors (hopefully). It would also enable me to shoot video to send to overseas clients. I would need to buy a grip though. I know the ISO capabilities are good so it would let me use the 70-200 without flash at concerts.

On the other hand the cost of the 1dmk4 has dropped recently so would be an extra £1000 on top of the cost of the 5d plus grip.

I guess my questions are whether the 1dmk4 has anything in IQ terms or much better ISO capabilities as a reason to buy it. Reports I have read suggest that the extra ISO range of the 1d (25600, 51200, 102400) are just gimmicks. How do the 2 compare at 3200/6400 or even 12800? Would I actually see any difference between 16mp and 21mp?

I don't think that the lower frame rate of the 5d would be a problem as I don't shoot sports - but how do video capabilities compare?

Is it worth spending the extra to get the 1dmk4 or would it be a waste given what I use the camera for? Do you think it would be prudent to buy the 1dmk4 as a new 5d is rumoured to be coming soon which will affect resale values?

Many thanks for any help you can give - this isn't about lens choice as I know that an 85mm 1.8 and a 16-35L or Tamron 17-50 would solve a couple of problems but wouldn't take away the need to upgrade.

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