Used Nikkor 28-70 or a New Tamron 28-75?

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Re: Used Nikkor 28-70 or a New Tamron 28-75?

It seems complex answer:
For best IQ on crop body a good copy of Tammy is enaugh.
On FF nikkor 28-70 is good but 24-70 much better at corners.
My Tamron on FF is worse than new sigma 24-70 hsm (and better than sigma on DX).

I tried 4 pcs of 28-75 of which 1 had decentering, 2 had slow motor speed and only one was free of sensible defects.

While 28-75 useable at f/2.8 it definitely better at f/3.3, good at f/4 and excel at f/5.6.
So I use it as walkaround with D300s.

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