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Re: custom built PC

rinsephotographic wrote:

thanks...built by me, paid for by my beautiful wife...a great gift

wow, incredible gift! And to build it gives more ability to keep it going...

that's a great monitor. i looked at it when i was building mine...positively gorgeous. i spent all kinds of time trying to justify it but i just couldn' july when i built my system the cheapest price that i could find in canada was about $1400+ tax and shipping, a total tab of about $1570. just too expensive. they run about $1350+tax these days, cheaper but still a bit out of reach. i 'downgraded' to the zr24w and then cancelled after some conversations with a photographer friend who pushed me towards the wide gamut of the u2410. the zr30w is the best of both...hp and wide gamut...just too pricey. but, if one can swing it, i think they you said, it is the window to your photo editing experience.

I can see they mess you over in Canada. B&H have them for $1195

my only concern with 'name brand' manufacturers is that they tend to use pretty weak motherboards. my last pc lasted for 6 years largely because it was custom built (silverstone case, as well...i'm loyal :D) with the latest (at the time) and i was able to keep it going with small upgrades. my new gigabyte UD5 board is solid. a pleasure to work and tinker with. i also like that it's a socket 1366 which intel will support for a while. the 860 is an 1156 which would give me some concerns about future support.

my motherboard supports 1366
I have 10GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM (3 -2's and 1- 4)

I wish HP gave the 870 upgrade for $100 like dell, but they wanted almost $300. The Dell system though with the 860 was more costly and I don't like Dell's support

your approach makes sense - looks like you go for 5-6 years to keep things going. I spent a bit less and am only looking to keep this HP going 4 years - then I'll likely move on to next generation

how have you found your RAID 0? i'm intrigued by it...i've never run a system with a RAID 0. do you find it noticeably faster? what kind of drives are you running? when i built mine, i was looking at an SSD for a system drive. the guy who helped me built it recommended that i wait a bit as crucial was just releasing the first SATA III ssd's. i was thinking of getting an SSD around xmas and then running a RAID 0 for fast internal storage and just using my DROBO as back-up so i'm curious about people with experience in RAID 0.

below is info on it. windows 7 64 boots in just 35 seconds plus the time it takes for my password if that is any indication of the speed - I'm on the net in less than 50 seconds at startup. Though SSD is even faster, I'll stick with my raid0

but as you know with two hard drives - if one crashes - you need to be ready with backup plan. It divides data between the two to get the speed. The thing whirls with this sound...for about three minutes when I turn it on- actually a bit noisy at startup - but then it settles down to tiny barely audible hum

1TB RAID 0 (2 x 500GB SATA HDDs) - performance

Features: Two 500GB 7200rpm Serial ATA hard drives with 8MB buffer and a RAID disc controller. 1GB = one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity. Benefits: Serial ATA RAID 0 solutions increase disk drive performance and capacity. With a RAID 0 solution your data is spread (or "striped") across two drives. Because the data is split between two drives, the information moves between the processor and storage system faster. Note: System storage capacity is approximately double the size of the smallest drive with RAID 0. Actual formatted capacity is less. Up to 12GB of memory reserved for system recovery software.

yes, i like my case A LOT...but then again, i was $260 and my power supply was $140...$400 for case and tax, of course. add to that my UD5 which was $300 and i'm at $700 without any processing power or storage. but, for me, it is those three components that make a system upgradeable, stable and lasting. i also built it with silence and cooling in mind and i've been impressed so far. my evga GTX460 is a bit louder than, say, MSI's cyclone version because it's an external exhaust, but i like evga's lifetime warranty and bulletproof rep. if i did it again, i may have gone for a quieter card. don't get me wrong, my system is very quiet that the main noise now is the fan on the video card.

wow...$400, but I can see where your 5-6 year plan will pay for the extra.

I also like your system being quiet and clean. If you were in US -- I would have had you build mine

lots of choices these days, really. just like cameras and lenses, we photographers are beginning to be quite spoiled.

yes we are

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