I'm going to weld this lens to my camera!

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Bob GB Senior Member • Posts: 1,729
Re: Crop factor?

beemerman2k wrote:

Given that this lens is being used on DX cameras, isn't there a crop factor involved? In other words, are these shots really taken at a true 85mm? This whole crop factor stuff drives me up the wall by the way. I hate it so much that if I could afford it, I'd get a full frame camera simply to rid myself of this issue.

Yeah, hahaha, it is 85 mm! An 85 mm is always 85 mm, nothing else.

Forget about equivalent focal length as it just have a meaning for those who have been using 135 (FX) cameras for so long that they have developed a way of "seeing" the angle of view a certain focal lenght will produce.

But as a matter of fact, if you work with DX for a similar period of time, you will develop the exactly same ability to know how a certain focal length will work for you on your DX.

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