Used Nikkor 28-70 or a New Tamron 28-75?

Started Sep 17, 2010 | Discussions thread
Hear2see Veteran Member • Posts: 9,190
Just how fresking sharp do you need it?

We keep reading this stuff about how the Tamron is soft until you get to f/4 or my goodness now it's not sharp until f/11 ?!?!?!

You guys must be looking at your photos under microscopes...

Come on, for less than $400.00 bucks which might be a lot of money to some of us, this lens isn't that bad is it? Really? I've got a couple Nikon lenses and like to have more of them but... for those of us that aren't made of money, the Tamron is more than just barely OK...

I'd love to try one of those thousand or two thousand dollar lenses out for a week or so... just to see how much better the pictures would be. To you users of the big Nikon 28-70 or 24-70 the 4x's cost premium may well be worth it.....but the little Tammy can make do no?

cropped pic shot at f/2.8

crop taken from this pic below

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