What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: I'd launch a low-light line

fyngyrz wrote:

...something with very large, quiet sensels, about 5mp in APS-C or perhaps 12mp in FF.. . . I'm thinking a 5mp shot will be quiet and good enough over a much wider range of exposures. Larger sensels are quieter, both because they reduce the noise outside the individual sensels, and because they capture more light, d. . .

5MP is too low. If you want 5MP shoot in sRaw.

Also, if you have the same noise when comparing an 18MP image and a 5MP image when each is viewed at 100%, which image will produce a better result when scaled to the final resolution?

Exactly. The 18MP image will be vastly superior.

resolution:sensor size and noise are not directly related. I see your point though. My desire it to see Canon focus more on improving S/N ratios and resolving AA issues rather than shrinking photosites.

Lower MP images have some other beneficial side effects, too;

So shoot in sRaw or low resolution jpeg.

I'd provide the ability for the user to define the in-camera push; all the way to the last bit - 13 stops -- if that's what they wanted. So standard (analog) ISO of perhaps 12800 or 25600, and pushes past that allowed right until you run out of bits to push. This is so you can see in the preview what you're going to get. Pushing later in the computer, having suffered with a dark, murky preview in the field has the very disagreeable characteristic of surprising you long after the opportunity to shoot again has gone away. . .

. . . in which case you chalk it up as a learning experience where you discover the magic of exposure bracketing.

. . . simply by mapping a nonlinear curve to the output. . .

Non-linear curves often result in posterized images unless you are very careful. I'm not sure AI is possible with Digic4 to process such complexity quickly enough, even when paired in SMP like the 7D's dual processor configuration.

I'd make sure that the camera could emulate any exposure: So if you set 8 seconds at ISO whatever and f/whatever, after 8 seconds, the LCD could show you a preview of what you'd see.

In that case, you're basically taking the shot twice. Why not exposure simulation and take the shot, and review the shot? That way if you have a model posing for a night shot for a 5min exposure (not unheard of!) the model doesn't have to hold the pose for 10 minutes? Also, you are increasing noise by heating the sensor, and you are also running into changing lighting conditions over that time if the shot will be outdoors. Not practical.

I'd make sure that the maximum shutter time was programmable, rather than limited to 30s. Why shouldn't we be able to shoot 200 seconds at f/11 if we want to?

That would be nice. However, that is what "bulb" mode + tethering or remote shutter release is for. There does have to be a limit somewhere because even in starlight the photosites will eventually reach full white.

I'd get rid of the hard-coded presets - macro, landscape, portrait, etc - and put in a whole circle of user presets that were preloaded with those settings.

C1, C2, C3

I'd build in a GPS. The user could decide if they wanted to use it, or not. Personally, I'd use it all the time, no exceptions. GPS hardware is very inexpensive these days.

And, there are those of us who do not want GPS. Keep it modular!

I'd see to it that the camera had sensor-based IS, to allow it to stabilize otherwise unstabilized primes and zooms. It would shut down in the presence of a lens that had IS, as that seems to be the better method of the two.

Normally I'd say definitely not, but you're actually onto something here. To have both, and when the lens has it disable it in body? I like that compromise. Normally I dislike in-body IS but you have a great compromise.

I'd provide for preview zoom up to 200%,. . .during live-view.

Oh goody, take pixel peeping to a while new level!

I'd fix auto-ISO so the user could set the low and high limits, including all the way into the pushed ISOs. . .

This is one I actually agree with because here you are actually making a lot of sense.

The camera would be able to enter a "shoot every X seconds for Y shots" mode for time-lapse projects.

That's what the 1D(n) is for, or a intervalometer/remote shutter control, or a third-party grip, or tethering. Canon had to limit the feature set somewhere to keep the price sane.

The camera would support -X to +X focus in Y steps; this would support focus stacking projects. Additionally, it would support driven slow manual-like microfocus, for getting macro focus just where you want it. . . .

That would actually be really neat but I really doubt that is suited for the 7D - more like 1D territory, or for a third-party controller like the Promote, or a tethered feature. Again, feature creep = greatly increased cost, extended development schedule, etc.

The camera would be able to upload images to the computer while shooting using wifi.

Wi-Fi grip or wi-fi card.

Wireless charging; wireless image uploading; wireless everything. The only things hanging off the camera should be lens/tripod and/or a camera strap. Nothing to forget, nothing to hook up. It just works.

Wired everything because when you have lots of EFI wireless features for unlicensed equipment becomes extremely unreliable, and in certain environments might not even be allowed.

There would be no print button, no matter how much the printer division wanted one.

. . . or customers wanted one. I've never used it but am glad to know it's there if I ever need it.

Much of what you're describing is 1D territory, but some items (like 5MP) are best suited for limiting via menu configuration, tethering, or third-party controllers. The reality is that there is a certain price which can support development of a certain number of features if a certain number of units is sold.

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