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Re: Oly JPEG and Nikoln / Canon

dgrogers wrote:

Definitely. Detail extraction, dynamic range, etc. Oly Jpegs are concidered better than others because there is generally little difference between Orfs and Oly Jpegs. With most manufacturers, processed RAW files look much better than Jpegs.

Greytop wrote:

To be fair there is a great deal more to a Jpeg engine than a tone curve. I believe Olympus has invested more in this area than most.

Of course there is more to the tone curve with a JPEG, and I am sure Oly put a lot into the development, but then that's the same for others. The point is , as dgrogers had say, that is RAW is the way to go , but for JPEG shooter, the point on hand is C and N recognize the need for the control ( user controllable part ) and made the effort to place that control back within the user's hand with those soft tools instead of fixing only theirs.

Again Oly JPEg might be good for some, but its equally not good for others .. that's the same for other brand. The point again is the capability to customize and control that favor the C and N as benefit a JPEG shooters.

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