Please convince me to NOT buy the 17-55

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Please convince me to NOT buy the 17-55

As the title suggests, I'm on the verge of purchasing this lens (I'm spotting some decent Craigslist/Ebay deals around $900.

About me: I'm a complete enthusiast. I don't get paid for my photography (although I'd love to be part of a larger team shooting an event at some point, but just for fun). Photography is a personal hobby and entirely for my enjoyment. I had a D90 which I sold last week and have the D7000 on preorder. I'll always be a DX shooter.

I have the following lenses:
nikkor 18-200mm VRII
nikkor 35mm 1.8
sigma 10-20mm

I currently use the 18-200mm as my walk around and use it 85% of the time. I usually pull out the 35mm for indoor and low-light shots, and leave the 10-20mm for some creative/landscape shots.

I would like to have one "kick-ass" lens that I splurge on. It'll have to be something that's flexible and takes amazing pictures. Something that I won't want to take off, except in cases where I really need one of the above.

The 17-55mm 2.8 seems to fit the bill.

Can anyone here with the 17-55 and any of the lenses above take the same shot for a comparison? I'm sad that DPR doesn't have a review of the lens. I'm particularly interested in low-light conditions as well as portraits.

Any personal feelings on the 17-55? I've seen a few threads here that praise the lens. I'd love to have it, but I'm often compulsive and buy "above my level" even when I don't need it. (Ahhh "need" -- oh so relative.)

If the $1000 won't get me much more than what I'm getting out of the glass I currently have, I think I can control myself and perhaps use the money for a computer upgrade instead.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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