Used Nikkor 28-70 or a New Tamron 28-75?

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Re: Used Nikkor 28-70 or a New Tamron 28-75?

The beast in various stages of condition can be had for between 700-1100 used.

The Tamron can be had for the non BIM for about 250-350 but hard to find.
The newer one with crap BIM motor can be found new everywhere.

You are still comparing two lenses that are very different in design philosphy that may or may not have a market effect on your choice

1) 2 to 5 x in money different. If you are shooting a body with motor wait and pick up a nice used non BIM. Pay the extra 140 bucks that Tamron charges for a tune up. You are far better off with that then the crap and skittish BIM model new. I had the BIM and no BIM, on D700/D3s the non BIM version is as good as any D lense like 50 or 85, not as fast as the fastest AFS but no complaints. If you can't focus in low light it is your camera focus problem not the lens. With the NON BIM never had a problem that wouldn't also be on my 2400 buck 70-200 VRII

2) IQ, the corners are less then perfect compared to the 24-70 and again a bit softer compared to 28-70. If you are shooting 2.8 and expect or need the outer corners to be sharp then you will be dissapointed. If you are doing portraits I don't think with a little post processing of color or contrast that any peeper would be able to tell a Tamron apart from the 24-70 or 28-70. They may think they can but I really doubt it.

3) Build, no question the 28-70/24-70 IMHO is the best build. I never liked the 24-70 profile nor design that much. The large movement of the optics on the 28-75 is prone to put dust into the lens and camera if you shoot in such enviroments, but its a lens that costs 1/5 as much weights 1/3 as much and 1/3 as big.

Here are a few side threds with shots compared to the 24-70 ( You can tell I've been thinking hard about whether I want to waste 1800 bucks or not )

the_arje wrote:

I can't afford a new Nikkor 24-70, so I think I've narrowed it down to the above two. I will use the lens for portraits.

Thanks in advance.

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