What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: I'd launch a low-light line

There is a religious war going on about that. As soon as anybody dares to say, he would prefer less MP and trade it for bigger pixels, another battle breaks loose. I'm pretty tired of that. Just so much: every test I've seen so far that measures sensor data or RAW-Images came to the same conclusion:

  • Noise Level is mostly about pixelsize (everything else beeing equal of corse)

  • Dynamic Range is closely related with pixelsize (everything else beeing....)

  • downsizing high-resolution compensates that to a certain degree

The way you argument further down you must have tested all these cameras yourself. Well I don't have that opportunity very often (but when I did, I was disappointed that downsizing didn't have a greater effect).

So if DxO measures RAW-data and then computes the values after downsizing, that will not always be VERY exact. But exact enough to tell that the 7D is certainly not way better than my original 5D at 3200 ISO.

And, why don't you simply respect that some people would prefer another compromise between pixelsize and pixelcount?

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