S95 vs SD4000

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S95 vs SD4000

I know, this is an old question that’s been brought up a bunch of times around here. But I need to make a decision soon. I've even read all the posts I can find on these 2 cameras.

Let me set up some background information for you:

I am coming from an SD850is that I loved. We have a child that we love to take pictures of and be able to take this camera on vacation with us. I understand how manual settings work (although I'd have to research deeper into the subject to compose good shots), but I do not usually use manual mode. I do not use RAW photos or touch them up afterwards, I just like to dump my photos onto the PC and be done with it. I would probably enjoy doing that, but just don't have time. I need a good indoor, low light camera.

On my SD850, I mainly used the M mode (not auto), center weighted. When needed, selected flash / no flash and enjoy using macro mode. Those are the settings I used the most. Not sure if I have time to play with manual settings that much with a child. My wife will also be using the camera a lot, and I'd need a manual mode that doesn't need a lot of setting changes or a great auto mode shooter.

What I like on the S95:
-1080p video
-461k rez on LCD
-Hybrid IS

What I do not like on the S95:

-pop up flash (shouldn't be an issue, I just don't want to mess with it every time)
-Auto mode may not make the best decisions with pictures
-No optical zoom in movies

What I like about the SD4000:
-Auto mode seems to make better choices
-Optical zoom in movie mode

What I do not like about the SD4000:
-Only 720p video (should be ok, but always good to have 1080p.
-Only 230k rez on LCD

-Few buttons on the back (I am used to the layout on the SD850, seems more like the S95 arrangement. Concerned that you may not be able to get to flash, Macro settings fast enough)

-> So, with the S95 having a larger CCD and the SD4000 having a smaller Backlit CMOS sensor, which is going to be better for my application (motion with kids, indoor shots etc)?

-> Would auto settings on the S95 create not desirable low light shots / blurry pictures with moving people? I need to be able to shot and get a great shot in all conditions with kids.

-> Is it possible to use the S95 manual settings, and have one pre-set that switches all the settings to low light, indoor situation and a 2nd pre-set that moves all settings to an outdoor, high light situation?

So, what are your thoughts on the matter? I welcome any and all comments if you have experience with any of these cameras or situations...

Thanks for your time.

Rear shot of my old SD850, for reference:

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