How to make LR3 convert .erf files better [Epson R-D1s]?

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Re: How to make LR3 convert .erf files better [Epson R-D1s]?

I think you are right - both about the consensus and the that ACR has indeed reached new heights. However, this is true for the big camera maker's files and to some extent even for some niche-ones like Sigma .x3f files.

It is not the case however, for the first digital rangefinder ever which was not a Leica but an Epson product [Bessa-housed] which creates .erfs raw-files (R-D1, R-D1s, R-D1x). It is a unique camera in as much as it combines a traditional m-mount rangefinder camera (you have to cock the shutter, the screen is a swivel design, most of the instrumentation looks like taken from a Spitfire) with digital capture.

Epson launched a fairly limited but very useful program that converts .erf files (and only them) and allows fairly simple editing. And the engine of that program is not only good, it is magnificent.


JulesJ wrote:

I thought that the general concensus was that the latest ACR that comes with LR3 and PS CS5 was much better than predecessors. What's an .erf file anyway?

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