SD14 - surely one of the worst digitial SLR cameras ever made?

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SD14 - surely one of the worst digitial SLR cameras ever made?

I bought an SD14 late last year second hand but in absolutely mint condition - about 100 shots taken. I had previously bought a DP1 last summer having wanted one since they came out. The idea of a decent sensor in a small package was novel and awesome, but the price was too high. ONce it hit around £300 I jumped. I had read and heard about the ghastly LCD, the slowness, the appalling shutter lag, the questionable handling, the lack of properly marked dials, the ugly interface etc. Nevertheless, I was stunned from day 1 in terms of the output. Provided the camera is held still to counter the massive shutter lag and lack of stabiliser, the images really are wonderful. So I bought an SD14 thinking I would get the same images only with added flexibility. Big mistake.

The SD14 is a one star camera with a five star sensor. Unfortunately, due to the camera being such a POS I haven't experienced anything like the same results as I did with the DP1. It has also created real doubt in my mind as to whether or not I should "invest" in an SD15.

Who designed the Sigma DSLR? Who thought that abandoning the front and rear dials that EVERY other manufacturer uses would be a good idea? Who though putting a sticky dial which needs a finger and a thumb to move out of reach around the shutter was a good idea?

Okay, a few design flaws you can live with - such as the rubbish LCD, awful scrolling unintuitive menus etc. But in operation, the camera is simply a dog.

I recently went on holiday and the camera regularly froze up. The shutter would snap and the red light on the back would flash for a minute or two before it became clear the camera had seized up and needed to be forcibly shut down. This happened on numerous occasions and has happened in the past. Another problem was that shots merged into each other - at least they did on the LCD. Two pics were spliced together on the LCD. I decided not to delete them as I thought I could crop them - just as well, when I downloaded them it transpired one photo had survived fine although the second was nowhere. Just as well I didnt delete the spliced shot based on the stupid LCD image.

But still the problems came - when I downloaded the pics another pic appeared to be missing though this time it did actually appear okay on the LCD. I checked and it was showing on the LCD of the camera, yet now it disappeared in PS / SPP whatever. What a joke.

And the buffer is ridiculous - half a dozen RAW and thing jams for minutes.

Within weeks of my getting the camera I started getting dirt spots on the sensor. Given how new it was and its lack of use and the fact the spots look like little strips, I can only put it down to damage with the mirror operation - something I have heard others on here complain about.

And every RAW shot has a disgusting blue/green tinge in SPP which is not that easy to eradicate without affecting the overall colour cast.

I know the camera is old and none of this complaints are new, but even so, the quality is beyond pitiful. I also know that a lot of people on here complain about Sigma's quality control. I also appreciate that it's not positive to be a whinger. But I was seriously thinking about getting an SD15 on the basis it would be an improvement. I have now decided to steer well clear of Sigmas DSLR for the near future and will put the SD14 and lens up for sale.

Just look at the Nikon D7000 that was just announced - it sh* s on Sigma in absolutely every single possible manner that anyone could ever imagine and expect - probably even in terms of image quality too. Yes the Foveon sensor is great, and I would be tempted to get a DP2. But Sigma is being left far behind by every other camera manufacturer and will either abandon its camera range within 18 months or will always be a perverse niche product.

Rant over.

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