which leather cover e-p2 with hole for tripod?

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Re: which leather cover e-p2 with hole for tripod?

ericN2 wrote:

YordanRhapsody wrote:

Hi, I need a cover for my e-p2

I like very much the aka-asahi one's (che dark tan model), but I found there's no way to use a tripod with it

is there a similar product with a hole for a tripod?

Maybe you would find this very suitable. I have a similar one for my GF-1... but mine has a smaller lens bulge at the front , as it only takes the Pancake... this one is a later version and usefully takes either Pancake lens OR one of the short zooms if you have that lens. Incidentally as the 9-18mm lens is VERY compact (slightly less depth when retracted than even the short zoom) the case will then take either -
Short zoom
9-18mm lens

So very good value. As the site shows, they ship Worldwide and they really are very good value .. AND often very quick delivery.. in about a week or so usually to UK from Far East sellers. Have no doubts on that.

By the way ,the big bush at the base , screws the case onto the camera but also has a central threaded hole to which you can attach a tripod with standard size thread. So you can have the base part on-camera and still screw it onto a tripod.

Nice also as the whole top/front/back part just clips at each side of the 'body' part.. so if you wish.. you COULD carry thecamera with lower hald case on for a bit of added protection.
It IS good value.


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That's the one i have for my E-p1 and it's awesome!

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