Why are we not seeing more inbuilt GPS Geotagging in these cameras?

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Re: Why are we not seeing more inbuilt GPS Geotagging in these cameras?

As a GPS user I concur with the battery drain problem.

Another problem: if the GPS isn't actively tracking, but only comes on when you switch on the camera, you're not going to have an accurate location right away. Sometimes it takes several minutes to figure out the location if it's been off for a while. In other words the GPS has to be always on if you want it to be accurate when you take a picture. This would seemingly require separate on/off for camera and GPS. IMHO too much to ask of most of us. Many of us depend on the camera going into sleep mode to keep our batteries from draining.

I like having locations, so I'm using a separate GPS (which probably weights half a pound and eats up batteries (fortunately rechargeable) and sync later. Sure I'd rather have it all in one package, but I understand the tradeoff. If I track my location with my iPhone 4, the batteries last 3 to 5 hours.

Lastly, I don't think most people care about the feature. The push to have GPS on phones probably comes from retailers, hotels, and restaurants. These paying customers, i.e. advertisers, don't need this feature on a high end camera.

My 2 cents.

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