Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, Nicole Kidman at TIFF .....

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Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, Nicole Kidman at TIFF .....

Natalie Portman and Clive Owen on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival (probably the 2nd most important film festival in the world after Cannes) and Nicole Kidman at a morning press conference.

There aren't many actresses who would face the world's press with no, or minimal, make-up as Nicole Kidman did, but we all know she's georgous when all done up. The room was absolutely packed tight. I spent half of it with a photog I'm friends with using my shoulder to brace his 300mm 2.8 while occassionally getting dinged in the head by another photog shooting over my head with the same lens.

The night before she and Keith Urban were at a red carpet gala for her film, but I passed on that photo op as the venue's media area is ridiculously crowded and you have to stand on ladders for hours on end just to save your spot as there literally is no room to stand in between them.

The blizzard of flashes that went off when Natalie Portman stepped up to the media area caused my auto focus to fail at first. Could not get a lock for a couple seconds it was so intense, and from both sides as the fans were also lighting her up with a ton of flashes.

Clive Owen had the misfortune of having his film's premiere the same night Megan Fox was doing the red carpet thing. Since Megan Fox is a guaranteed sale (one guy told me he made $4600 just in overnight sales on her) everyone, and I mean everyone, was over at that venue.

At Roy Thomson Hall where Clive was there were just 4 accredited photogrpahers in the media area. The situation wa so embarrassing for the festival that they brought over half a dozen amateurs with DSLR's from the crowd to fill out the press section a bit. Those guys had a blast shooting the step and go with their idols just a few feet away. He was pretty generous with his time. Everyone got along fine.

Olympus E30 cameras w/ 35-100mm f2, 50-200mm and 150mm f2 lenses. 1600 ISO for Clive and Natalie, 2500 ISO for Nicole. Clive and Natalie in manual mode w/flash, Nicole in Aperture priority no flash allowed.

These results mirror or exceed published results achieved by other media photographers around me using D3's and 1Dmk4's. The New York photo agency I contribute to were happy to acccept them with no negative comments at all.

Looking forward to the E5.


Douglas Brown

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