Stock photography major direction change?

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Michael Sengers Forum Member • Posts: 75
Re: Simple economics, my friends. Look,

This is a very interesting discussion. I appreciate all your valuable contributions.

I would like to share some experiences from my project:

The prices are on level macro stocks.

Business was going better every year until 2008, where it covered almost half my yearly income, compared to my other full time job. With this increase of sales I was hoping to soon make a living out of photography.

Then in 2009, sales dropped 50%. This year it might drop another 25%.

We do have a recession also here in switzerland. But wether it is the recession or competition of micro stocks - that's the one million dollar question. I'm trying hard to find out.

Anyway, I would never contribute to microstocks. It's not worth the money. Too much work, too little contribution. It's better to wait for a single sale, but get $200 for it.

I will continue shooting, investing more in marketing activities and see how market develops in the next years.


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