What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: answers continued

fyngyrz wrote:

The upper bound here is the mirror motor, not processing. Canon went through a lot of effort to reach 8 fps in the 7D body size off one battery. Notice the D300s needs a grip to hit 8 fps.

Nope. Raise the mirror, leave it up. No longer an issue in any way.

What are you going to use to track your subject while the VF is black? The force?

Go look at images from a Nikon D3s. The first pushed ISO on that thing is 25k!

And it really doesn't look any better than a 5D mkII at that ISO. A little bit, but by your theory it should be vastly better due to the larger pixels. It's not.

Some how I don't think wireless charging will work.

Works fine. Just ask my toothbrush. There are some systems coming online now for cellphones, too. I would love to be able to drop my DSLR in a cradle and have it charge at the same time its dumping images out.

We have different definitions of "wireless".

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