What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: I'd launch a low-light line

fyngyrz wrote:

This would make no difference. Total sensor surface area is the primary factor in high ISO

No, it isn't.

Yes it is, and no amount of discussion or rationalization on your part changes a fact which is easily observable and verifiable comparing different bodies with varying pixel and sensor sizes.

What a larger sensor gets you, though, is the opportunity to put a lot of larger pixels in there. And that's what we see with the 5DmkII. The pixels are MUCH larger, for instance, than the 50Ds, but are of a quite comparable level of technology. And, no surprise, they're quieter.

Compare the 5D mkII to the D700. The D700 has much larger pixels, but worse high ISO. Compare the 5D mkII to the D3s. The D3s has pixels the same size as the D700, but only slightly better high ISO.

Not to put too fine a point on it, print is something you do. It's not something I do.

Scaling to screen sizes is the same thing. You don't post pixel sized crops to your flickr account, do you? And if you do, then you are losing significant magnification with lower resolutions. You can make that up with expensive glass but why not just get a tracking mount and be done with it?

In fact, noise is quantified by the amount of actual image information as compared to the non-image information in each pixel. Not by printing.

We don't stare at individual pixels.

If engineers at Canon, Sony, or Nikon could achieve leaps in high ISO with a 5 MP DX sensor, we would already have it.

We do. It's called the Nikon D3(s?), it goes to ISO 102k, it's FF and 12 mp, and it's awesome .

It's hideous at 102k and maybe 1/2 stop better than the 5D mkII at 12k and 25k. Due to pixel size? Unlikely since the 5D mkII out performs the D700.

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