What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: Nikon has really...

fyngyrz wrote:

I seriously doubt there's any great gain in high ISO with the D7000 vs the 7D. I could be wrong.

You are. The D7000 can shoot twice as fast in the field.

If the noise levels are the same then no it can't.

That's what I need. I can get lower noise by shooting twice;

I thought you needed to shoot fast?

but I can't kick up the ISO without going blind - the preview becomes worthless.

-1 stop does not make a preview worthless.

  • The D7000 packs about as many pixels on APS-C as the 7D and 60D. So if you don't like what Canon did there, you better stay far away from the D7000.

Different technologies, my friend.

I highly doubt Nikon has made any technological leaps here.

The 7D sensor is not Nikon's tech. Nikon would do even better with fewer pixels. See the D3s, for instance. Which beats anything Canon has out today.

At equal magnification the D3s is only slightly better than the 5D mkII. Maybe by 1/2 stop. This is with newer sensor technology.

This proves that a) pixel size is not the primary factor, and b) Nikon sensor tech is not dramatically ahead of Canon's. (If anything, Canon seems to have an edge. Note their 18 MP DX sensor has been out for a year and Nikon is just now moving past 12 MP.)

  • Pixel size is not the primary factor in high ISO because smaller pixels are magnified less when printed.

I don't print. So what in the world would print have to do with noise?

The same is true when viewing at equal magnification on screen. (Note that I don't mean PS magnification. I mean scaled to the same physical size.)

Noise is directly related to tech on the one hand, and sensel size on the other,

Pixel size is simply not a factor at DSLR pixel densities.

ISO 25k, my friend. One full stop.

And my amplifier goes to 11.

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