s95 "C" mode - awesome - how to set set shutter, aperture, full manual mode - wow

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s95 "C" mode - awesome - how to set set shutter, aperture, full manual mode - wow

This actually came from another thread, "S95 Settings?"

Apparently - and much to my surprise, it appears the "Custom" mode on the s95 is actually useful! I never used it because it was just like it's own little, separate "P" mode which hardly let me set anything. But then someone in the other thread claimed you could set "C" mode in a way that let you change the aperture, shutter, etc.

Frankly, I looked, and I thought they were full of it. But I did notice that in the upper right corner you would see a "C", but then it had a little "P" next to it.

Anyways, before I ramble on with backstory, here's how you do it -

1. Turn the camera on in P mode (or probably most any mode), and press the MENU button

2. Press right 2 times and you should have the star selected at the top with one menu item that says "My Menu Settings". Go down and select that one.
3. Select "Select Items"

4. The very last item is "Save Settings". Scroll down so it's highlighted and press the "FUNC. SET" button (the set button in the middle of the back ring). A checkmark should show up next to it.
5. Press the menu button until you're back at the main screen.

6. Now switch to P, TV, Av, or M modes (AUTO, Low Light, SCN, and Video won't work with this). Set whatever settings you want - for example, I'll go with shutter priority, 1/60, iso auto.

7. Press the menu button and press right twice, and you should have the "star" menu at the top selected.

8. Go down to "Save Settings..." and select it. It will prompt you "Save Current Settings" and select OK.

9. Now when you switch to "C" mode, it will start up with exactly the settings you had when you hit "Save Settings..."! For example, it now has "TV" in smaller letters next to the "C" in the upper right in C mode, and behaves exactly like it's in shutter priority mode. If I turn the front dial, it changes shutter speed! If I switch to another mode and come back, it's back to being set at 1/60.

If anyone has a shorter set of instructions, please post them! This is just how I figured out how to do it.

I owned an s90 for a year and didn't know I could do this - that's really really great. I needed a mode set to 1/60 and iso auto for low light shooting with people in it. I usually tried to leave Shutter Priority mode at 1/60, but sometimes I'd forget - this is fantastic.

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