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Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

fyngyrz wrote:

But I can buy the D7000 and a decent lens (or two) for it for less than the 7D,

$300 is not going to get you much in terms of glass.

See my other posts. Already addressed.

and get features that are more useful to me than the (IMHO) really poor set of changes the 7D offers over my 50D.

You're not making sense. The 7D and the D7000 out perform the 50D in the same areas. If the 7D has a "poor set" of changes over the 50D, then so does the D7000.

No, I'm making sense, you're not paying attention.

D7000: ISO 25k
7D: ISO 12800.
50D: ISO 12800.

I can reduce noise almost indefinitely by stacking.

I can't shoot any faster than the camera will let while seeing what I'm doing.

So my ultimate limit is ISO. The D7000 wins. The 7D offers nothing.

Quite frankly if you think the changes in the 7D are poor vs the 50D, you haven't been paying attention to the 7D's reviews and you certainly have not used a 7D.

They're irrelevant to me. I need higher ISO. The 7D doesn't offer it. That's the end of it.

I seriously doubt there's any great gain in high ISO with the D7000 vs the 7D. I could be wrong.

You are. The D7000 can shoot twice as fast in the field. That's what I need. I can get lower noise by shooting twice; but I can't kick up the ISO without going blind - the preview becomes worthless.

and probably focuses better to boot.

Than your 50D? In situations that call for more points (i.e. BiF), yes. Otherwise, debatable. And not better than the 7D.

I like the D7000 center arrangement. That's in line with how I work. YMMV.

It's going to cause Canon to be more aggressive in their next update. Which is good for everyone.


They could make a great camera if they stop trying to jam in more MP and concentrate on higher quality pixels instead. Outside the line, they could come with a low-light specialized camera and I'd be interested. But the current APS-C lineup... 60D, 7D... no thank you.

Here we go with this fallacy again...

Nope. Just your misunderstanding.

  • The D7000 packs about as many pixels on APS-C as the 7D and 60D. So if you don't like what Canon did there, you better stay far away from the D7000.

Different technologies, my friend. The 7D sensor is not Nikon's tech. Nikon would do even better with fewer pixels. See the D3s, for instance. Which beats anything Canon has out today. Doesn't matter anyway; I just need higher ISO.

  • Pixel size is not the primary factor in high ISO because smaller pixels are magnified less when printed.

I don't print. So what in the world would print have to do with noise? Nothing. And as it turns out, that's the right answer anyway. Noise is directly related to tech on the one hand, and sensel size on the other, and very little else.>

Total sensor surface area is, followed by technology level. Going backwards in MP would cost us resolution but would not give us better high ISO.

Yes, it would, by giving us lower noise. A lower noise source signal is easier to amplify without collecting garbage.

  • At release the 7D offered the highest IQ, including the highest resolution and best high ISO, in the APS-C class. I'm curious to see if the Nikon 16 MP sensor edges it out in high ISO (it is one year newer), but I doubt there are any leaps here.

ISO 25k, my friend. One full stop.

You're ripping on the 7D and praising the D7000 yet they are very similar cameras.

I will certainly give credit to Nikon for packing so many features in at that price point. I have no doubt the D7000 is an excellent body that will sell like hot cakes. But you act s if the 7D brings nothing to the table and that's simply false.

No - it brings nothing to the table for ME. Let's be clear here, I'm only talking about what I want.

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