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Smug FF users

CharlesB58 wrote:

John, John...John John John.....

You keep confusing the issue. Photography isn't about the images anymore.

No -- photography is still about the images, and how easily and consistently you can get them.

It's about endless, nitpicky online debates about MP count and equivalent DOF.

The debates are about what the differences in IQ the tech can bring to the photos. A good photo with low IQ is still better than a bad photo with high IQ, but a good photo with great IQ is better than a good photo with lesser IQ, although there are circumstances, I'll freely admit, where the IQ doesn't really play much of a role, if any role at all.

It's about smugly assuming-and asserting-that owning $8K worth of "pro grade gear" means taking pro quality photos by default.

I can't recall anyone saying or implying that. But it also seems a little smug to imply that the equipment plays no role in being able to take quality photos.

It's about walking around with a huge camera and lens hanging from your neck and thinking to yourself all these other tourists with P&S cameras must surely admire me for obviously being a professional quality photographer.

Actually, there are a lot of FF users, like me, who anxiously await affordable mirrorless FF so we can get the IQ and DOF we're accustomed to in a smaller package.

It's about making sure you flock together with others who feel that an emotionally powerful, visually striking image can be sniffed at because of high ISO noise or clipped hilights (or because the EXIF reveals it was shot with an inferior camera to your own).

Sometimes it's a valid point. In the link below I link to an outstanding photo that I feel was ruined by low IQ:


Forget about the images. The future of photography is that Photoshop demigods will simply select appropriate royalty free images from microstock services and edit them into the pictures that art directors or editors need, leaving people with cameras free to pursue the interests I listed above.

I'm sure that I don't pretend to know the future of photography, but, if I were to guess, I would think that it might take a backseat to video in the near future.

Get with the program, John!

Ah, well, on that point we agree.

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