What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: What products would you launch if you were Canon?

villebon wrote:

Nikon just put one over Canon with the D7000. And Nikon if gaining m,omemtum with that camera real fast.

How can nikon "gain momentum...fast" when the camera was press release announced a day ago and only some photo enthusiasts know about it? Such a funny statement.

If you really compare the cameras for what they offer without getting bogged down with semantics like metal vs. engineering plastic or heavy vs. lighter, the cameras are really quite similar. One has things the other doesn't.


  • more pixels

  • manual video controls

  • flip-out LCD

  • lighter

  • all AF points are cross type sensors and are spread out wide


  • AF in video - but no manual controls.

  • heavier

  • 0.7 fps more (really a moot point)

  • more AF points, but cross types clustered at the center of the viewfinder

  • dual SD slots - most won't benefit maybe if you shot video (yet no manual video controls)

  • 100% viewfinder, but different between 96% and 100% is minimal and most will shoot a little wider to avoid cutting something off unless you are shooting macro on a tripod with plenty of time.

  • micro AF adjustments, but you almost need to be a camera tech to properly calibrate lenses.

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