E-5 makes no waves

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you set up arbitrary rules

DaveJC wrote:

Found this interesting tidbit in the Nikon forum. Thanks to 007peter for the succinct observation.

Yup, you got that right. One canon troll researching nikon lineup right here emoticon - wink

The best way to Gauge How successful a product is is by examining other forum.


If a new camera release causes massive grief at competitor camp = Major Success. Sony NEX, Sony A33/A55 SLT, Nikon D3100, and now Nikon D7000 are deem successful launch. I can readily find these camera discussed over at canon, sony, nikon, pentax, m4/3, and even olympus forum


If a new camera release doesn't even make a splash of discussion at competitor camp = Failure. Samsung NX100, Pentax K-R, Olympus E-5

I have said enough regarding E-5, so regarding the others: I find the Pentax K-R and the samsung line interresting.
The Sony's A33/A55 SLT are interresting because somehow modern E-20's.

Nikon D7000 and Sony NEX are not so interresting to me. Sony NEX = Camera without serious hotshoe = not serious. Nikon D7000 = Nikon d90 successor = expected.
you set up arbitrary rules



my thoughts: http://43.galerie-3.de/about/e-5

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