What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: I'd launch a low-light line

fyngyrz wrote:

...something with very large, quiet sensels, about 5mp in APS-C or perhaps 12mp in FF.

This would make no difference. Total sensor surface area is the primary factor in high ISO, followed by technology level. Pixel size is not a significant factor because smaller pixels are magnified less in print, offsetting any losses in per pixel noise.

If engineers at Canon, Sony, or Nikon could achieve leaps in high ISO with a 5 MP DX sensor, we would already have it.

Larger sensels are quieter, both because they reduce the noise outside the individual sensels,

Not a significant factor.

and because they capture more light,

With gapless microlenses the amount of light captured depends entirely on the surface area of the sensor, not the pixel size.

Lower MP images have some other beneficial side effects, too; they can be processed a lot faster by the camera, leading to potentially higher frame rates;

The upper bound here is the mirror motor, not processing. Canon went through a lot of effort to reach 8 fps in the 7D body size off one battery. Notice the D300s needs a grip to hit 8 fps.

display and adjust faster in the computer; transferred between the camera and the computer faster; more of them fit on the camera at one time, they take up less space in the computer, they can be previewed faster and you can store more of them on devices external to the camera, they're faster to email, download, upload, etc.

Computer speed and storage increases by the month. Once you take a shot you can never go back to that exact same moment and take another, higher resolution one.

I'd provide the ability for the user to define the in-camera push; all the way to the last bit - 13 stops -- if that's what they wanted. So standard (analog) ISO of perhaps 12800 or 25600,

We have that now. Larger pixels won't change the limits we're hitting today.

I'd make sure that the maximum shutter time was programmable, rather than limited to 30s. Why shouldn't we be able to shoot 200 seconds at f/11 if we want to?

Agreed. Full programmable exposure control should be in every DSLR.

I'd get rid of the hard-coded presets - macro, landscape, portrait, etc - and put in a whole circle of user presets that were preloaded with those settings. That way, if you want to use the camera as a P&S, you can, but if you want to actually set custom modes, every position is available to you.

I would lose the exposure mode dial completely. Just let me choose modes from the rear LCD including the standard PASM and any number of custom, named modes I want which store every setting like the Cx modes do now.

I'd build in a GPS. The user could decide if they wanted to use it, or not. Personally, I'd use it all the time, no exceptions. GPS hardware is very inexpensive these days.


I'd see to it that the camera had sensor-based IS, to allow it to stabilize otherwise unstabilized primes and zooms. It would shut down in the presence of a lens that had IS, as that seems to be the better method of the two.

Agreed, but I don't think we will see Canon or Nikon do this.

I'd fix auto-ISO so the user could set the low and high limits, including all the way into the pushed ISOs. The idea is you set the f/stop, you set the time, and the camera sets the ISO accordingly up or down to the points where you say "enough."


The camera would support -X EV to +X EV by Y multi-shot modes, where X is any number of stops and Y is the fraction of the stop you want to step by; this would be used for high dynamic range projects.

Would love to see this.

Wireless charging; wireless image uploading; wireless everything. The only things hanging off the camera should be lens/tripod and/or a camera strap. Nothing to forget, nothing to hook up. It just works.

Some how I don't think wireless charging will work.

There would be no print button, no matter how much the printer division wanted one.


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