Any opinions on the Pentax 645D?

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Psychological factors, mostly

Now it all depends on how far people are willing to live with a 'reasonable' compromise; is the difference between APS-C -- FF -- MF so significant people will justify investment, and undivided interest?

I've seen infinitely more photographs that could be improved with a better lens and more photographer's knowledge than with a better sensor. Also, differences start to diminish as the photograph hits the print; a conversion to CMYK kills almost everything what you have said in favour of an FF, and leaves only proper exposure, nice sharpness, lighting and other lens/skill related attributes visible.

Are they only specific to the FF and MF setup? Not at all, but people tend to approach to photography more seriously once they have a bigger/more expensive camera. All differences are psychology- and attitude-related. It's atavism -- we approach to the APS-C photography as to a casual, good quality photography because we tend to identify it with that need inside our mind, not because it's incapable of a "more serious" work where we'll spend more time for a better setup and more thoughts about photography.

Differences between MF -- FF -- APS-C are more visible in RGB mode, but even then -- when a photograph is scaled down to a typical screen usage size -- all the benefits of an MF or an FF camera (sheer number of pixels, possible ISO and DR advantages, etc.) vanish almost completely. All what's left visible is, again, proper exposure, lighting, nice sharpness and other lens/skill and photographer's psychology related attributes.

DoF too, unquestionably, but as stated above, people are learned to live with compromises which -- with each passing day -- become less 'compromises' and more 'excellent substitutes'. They are not compromises any more. One new sensor can change the ISO/DR game completely, but we continue to think it's because of the minute size, price and the way we use the camera ... well, you get the idea.

99% of everyday people who switch from APS-C to FF are undergoing the transformation of their photography approach, which is from "casual" to a "more serious", and they identify that with equipment switch. But it's actually the opposite -- for some of us only a more expensive approach that will change our attitude can teach us the value of learning, paying attention, focusing, taking care about details, etc.

Pentax_Prime wrote:

This doesn't mean that most FF owners are 'getting' that out of their sensor/glass, but a pro covets that DOF play and ability to nail the full gamut of exposure that may be more difficult in some cases with an APS-C sensor.

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