What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: I'd launch a low-light line

Thanks, that was fun to read! Someone "dreaming" up a camera regardless of what "market" dictates.

I suggested a low-light line some time ago (even in a mail to canon - well, you never know...) as a possible solution to get out of the compromises (rather more in favor of more pixelcount lately). I would not be as radical as you, but would stick to 12MP, like Nikon did for quite a while.

Just today I went through the data over at DxO-Mark and thought, with that 7D-sensor even 15 or 16MP might have been possible and it still would have been a little better for low-light than the Nikon D90 and get very close to my old 5D.

Then I saw the announcement of the Nikon D7000. We will see soon how that compromise works.

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