What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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smaller, simpler, cheaper

Canon bragged that they could compete w/ the m4/3, size-wise, with out abandoning the mirror. And I've read about Canon saying it long before Sony announced their SLT technology.

So with that in mind I pray for the 2000D to be a 1000D in a m4/3 sized body (e-pl1 or GF1 size). If this happens I would ignore the LX3/5 and S90/95 or the G11/12 offering which are now quite tempting.

And never mind if the white lenses would look awkward with it. Buyers of this kind of camera would be very well contented with 18-55 is and the 55-250 is. If I have one I might stick an old fast prime on it.

I already have a 7D which I can use if want to look mean. But there are lots of time when you can take better public photos when you are inconspicuous. Even the rebel (I also have a 500D) can already make people conscious that someone with a DSLR is in their midst.

Since another part of me daydreams of creamy bokehs, I would like the 5Dmk3 to be the 5Dmk2 in a 60D body and launched at a quarter price less than the the 5Dmk2.

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