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Re: A55 also Japanese only Menus?

SpikeTheGlynn wrote:

I have the option to purchase an A55 next week when my wife travels to Japan for a month or more.

I see that Yodobashi, Bic and several other retailers have the A55 listed. On the other hand it won't be released here in oz for some time yet - and when it does at a higher price.

So a purchase from (while in) Japan seems very attractive.

However I see from this thread and others that Sony domestic cameras have Japanese only menus. If thats going to be the case for an A55 bought in Japan then its a deal-breaker for me.

So, I have two questions:

  • Does anyone know whether this practice of Japanese-only menus has been continued by Sony for their domestic version of the A55?

  • Alternatively (assuming the answer to the above question is yes), is an international version of the A55 available in Japan (e.g., at Laox or Yodobashi)?

Thanks in advance!

If not get your wife to fly back via HK - or some other place where the A55 with English menus is available. With the Yen going through the roof Japanese prices may be higher than elsewhere anyway.

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