What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Nikon has really...

...put Canon in a tough position with the D7000.

It is so much better, or appears that way from the specs (testing will let us know later when it's actually available), that Canon has been caught with a line makeup that makes little economic sense in comparison.

The D7000, at jsut a couple hundred $ different price as compared to the 60D... with live focus during movies, ISO capabilities that beat the 50D, 60D and 7D, magnesium skeleton, more AF points, 100% VF, a more sophisticated lighting sensor (and focus assist if I understand the Nikon materials), a more robust, larger body better suited to larger lenses...

If the D7000 performs up to spec, it'll be the obvious better choice for an awful lot of consumers who are buying their first camera. As for Canon upgraders, the 60D is lame, the 7D is far too expensive (and still doesn't offer any more in camera push than the 50D), and the 50D itself has been outclassed. Only the 5DmkII remains, and at the price, it's really not in the running (and that's not even considering the slow shooting rate, the AF problems, and the lack of a built-in flash.)

Consider: I've got a lot of Canon lenses, mostly EF, and a 50D, and so you'd think I was pretty much committed to the Canon line.

But I can buy the D7000 and a decent lens (or two) for it for less than the 7D, and get features that are more useful to me than the (IMHO) really poor set of changes the 7D offers over my 50D. I'll still have my 50D and Canon lenses, and I'll have this sweet Nikon which extends my ability to work in darker regimes, adds movies with tracking AF, and probably focuses better to boot.

It'll all come down to how well the D7000 actually takes pictures, but I'm thinking it's likely to do just fine, and that is going to cause Canon some real problems.

And you know what? Good for Nikon. I hope they really draw blood.

The 50D was a great upgrade from my 40D. Better in so many ways. Microadjust. More (pushed) ISO settings. The awesome joystick-controlled set-everything from the LCD. The LCD itself. The quality of the preview. The faster sync. The improvements in the dust removal system. I was happy to buy it. And I did buy it. I've been a fan of the camera since I got it in my hands. Shot thousands of images I've been very pleased with, better than I could have done with the 40D.

The 60D leaves me cold. I don't care much about movies (especially if I have to do the focusing); I really don't care about stuffing more megapixels in there (in fact, I'd prefer to go back towards the ten MP of the 40D, thank you, for many reasons); My microadjust in the 50D is in use and I really don't like the idea of being without it with my Canon primes, which definitely need it; I don't want a smaller camera body; with my 50D in hand, there is only one area the 60D offers me something I want, and that's a very slightly quieter sensor. But with the Nikon likely doing the same (or better... the sensels on the Nikon are larger, and that is going to count) and the extra stop of pushed ISO... the 60D basically falls flat on its plastic face.

Looking forward to DPR's review, and the others on other sites, too. Canon has one chance left within the current model line, and that's with the 5DmkIII. They could make a great camera if they stop trying to jam in more MP and concentrate on higher quality pixels instead. Outside the line, they could come with a low-light specialized camera and I'd be interested. But the current APS-C lineup... 60D, 7D... no thank you.

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