What products would you launch if you were Canon?

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Re: What products would you launch if you were Canon?

RR6 wrote:

I find all home videos so bad,

Agreed. I tend to laugh when people take video of people posing in front of a tourist attraction doing nothing but waving (or worse, taking video of a landscape).

I would not bother putting video on a DSLR. This is usually due to the bad sound quality (how many people use decent separate microphones), normal users do not have a steady-cam and the subjects usually don't know what to do and just wave at the camera. If you want to produce a naff video, you might as well purchase a purpose made video camera or a compact camera.

But there are some creative people out there putting DSLR video to good use. Me, I have little if any use for it myself.

In terms of what I would launch...

I would replace the new 60D asap with a cut down version of 7D (same sized body but with no video, single processor, slower FPS and less weather sealing). The white balance processing (all settings) also needs to be significantly improved.

A good quality EF-S 100-400 IS USM is needed (the new 100-300 L lens is way too expensive for many users).

EF-S makes little-to-no sense for that focal length range, and considering that something like the 17-55 F2.8 IS is around $1000, there's no reason to think an EF-S 100-400 IS would be 'affordable'.

Add HDR support to DPP. This would just make the workflow much easier and quicker.

Better yet, in camera HDR.

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