What's wrong with the E-5?

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Re: it's all about the money (reducing costs)

alxdava wrote:

nothing else. today they released the body that should be released a year ago.
if they have done that, today everything was fine.

i allways asked my self: why wait 3-4 years to release a body, when, with marginal improvements, you can take out 2-3 bodys in that time?this is called MARKETING.

to be on the pages of magazines at every 6 months with something new(not much) is much better then stay underground for 4 years, and when you come out you discover that you are faaaaaaar behind.

even now, at launch, E5 is behind direct competitors. i'm nor saying that is a bad camera. no. but not at the level that i expected to be.

this silly efort to release something(not good enogh and too late) makes Olympus, in my eyes, a company who will provide just avarage products for lower and midlle consumers at best.

that means, for me(at the moment), a stop in upgrade my line-p of lenses or sell everything. is better for me to invest in much cheaper micro (Oly, Pana or even Sony)

Bet that the new micro body will have the same procesor or better?

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Isnt everyone forgetting the innovative SHG lens?

No other manufacturer has managed to equal the technical brilliance of these lens, with their constant aperture across the focal range.

Best of all they take pictures of the highest quality (in the right hands) which in the end is what counts.

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