Printing 16x20 on an Epson 3880

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Tom Monego Senior Member • Posts: 2,944
Re: Printing 16x20 on an Epson 3880

A pro wouldn't care if they were borderless or not, they would just trim the print. Fine art customers want borders for mounting, mounting without borders is difficult because of the loss of the image.

You also can't print borderless with out the printer doing an up size often using a nearest neighbor alogorithm (the worst). Even if you set the size the printers software will enlarge because they don't want the hassle of calls asking why the entire print wasn't covered. This is generally not an option on the printer borderless = enlargement.
Most of the stuff you see from wedding is printed on rolls and trimmed.

If you are selling to a large print to a bride she will thank you for the border for mounting purposes.
Borderless does wear down the printer. Overspray gums up a machine.


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