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Re: sounds great

Fabian628 wrote:

id love a 7Ds even if it had a smaller 21mp sensor like the 5D2,

huh? a "smaller 21MP sensor like the 5D2?" Are you aware that the 5D2 has a full-frame sensor?

I'm fine with 18MP. I hope that for 7D2 Canon does not change the resolution but instead works on getting the lowest possible noise from 18MP. I know that MP and noise are mostly independent of one another but I'd rather see R&D go into cleaning up noise while inceasing sensitivity, maybe going to foveon or similar sensor types, increasing microcontrast, and maybe offering a wide-bandwidth variant for UV and IR astrophotography, a la the 20Da.

and 6 frames per second with 7D like AF.

So, it sounds like what you are describing is what is likely to be the 5D mark III. Expect to pay 5D2 prices for it, plus a premium for the first few months until production is ramped up and existing 5D2 stock is discounted and eliminated from the channel.

The 7D is such a great camera, and id love a 5D2, but im not sure i can bring myself to drop the 7D becuase i also like to shoot 8fps and sports quite alot, and i dont think the slow fps of the 5D2 is enough

Right, and the 7D is a lot newer than the 5D2 so it boasts some advances over the higher-end offerings. I'd expect the next rev of the 5D to completely blow the 7D away.

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