Apple Cinema 23" display for photo editing?

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Re: Apple Cinema 23" display for photo editing?


Since I last wrote, I've taken delivery of a new dual G4 sytem and 23" Cinema display. I also bought a spyder ProCal display calibration system. The Spyder works just fine under OS X. I created a profile for my LCD (and a second antique CRT) very easily, and it works just fine under OS X.

The profile made very little visible diffference in the cinema display. I can't really tell the difference, to tell the truth. I gather that Apple's standard profiles are quite good.

The CRT is another story. Before calibration, the color was HIDEOUS. After calibration, it's still a nasty old monitor, but the color values are dramatically improved.

I also print with an Epson 1280, and it still prints dark, as you reported. Also, the color values still seem off.

I discovered color profiles for the 1280 and it's various paper types embedded in Epson's PIM plug-in.

I HAVE had good luck with Pictorico Photo Gallery Glossy Film on the Epson. Pictorico provides a profile for their paper (film) and the 1280, and the results are VERY good. Unfortuately, this stuff is quite pricey.

Duncan C.Mark Lee wrote:

I also have the Apple Studio 17" LCD and agree with most of your
comments. I'm using the Epson 1280 printer and OSX. I cannot
figure out how to get the prints from my 1280 to match what I see
on the Studio LCD. I get reasonably good results in OS9, but not
in 10.1.5. Everything seems to print darker. I've used the
default profile for the Studio Display and created a newly
calibrated one (using 1.8 gamma, 6500K).

I'm begginning to believe that the culprit is the OSX version of
the Epson 1280 printer driver.

As far as I can tell, no one is yet shipping an OSX version of a
color calibration tool that works with Apple's new LCDs. Even on
Apple's web site, the explanation of color management is done using
OS 9. Seems ironic given that all of Apple's new computers now
ship with LCDs and OSX (except for eMac).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It's depressing to
have this cool new OS and beautiful display and have to revert back
to OS9 to get it to work for true color matching.

Thanks in advance,

y wrote:
I've used the Apple Studio 17" LCD for about 7 months. Previously,
I used any number of quality CRT's. IMHO, the Apple Studio 17" LCD
is far superior to any CRT I ever used, in terms of image editing.
Oh, I know some will cite scientific data which proves LCD's aren't
as accurate with colors as CRT's. No matter. I know that the
colors I see on my LCD are the same colors I see in my Epson 2200
prints - at least with my eyes. So, what else matters?
Additionally, this display is a wonderful thing to behold and is
very easy on the eyes (and I'm using mine 8 or more hours per day).
At some point, when my pocketbook recovers from a recent Canon 1D
purchase, I'll pop for the 23" Cinema model. These things are

Duncan Champney wrote:

Have any of you used the new Apple Cinema 23" display for
color-managed image editing? If so, how have you found it?

Better yet, have any of you done a side-by-side comparison of the
Apple displays against CRTs?

I read a review of the previous 22" cinema that said it had
excellent color and sharpness, but that the brightness was
inconsistent across the display. (It had bright and dark areas)

Also, how did you color calibrate your display? I understand that
the suction-cup based calibrators like the Spyder can tear the
surface of the display.

I am putting together a high-end system for image manipulation, and
trying to decide between a 21" CRT and one of the Apple Cinema
displays. The brightness light weight and small footprint of the
Cinema displays really appeals.

The high cost and prossible problems with brightness argue for a
CRT however.


P.S. Please CC me via email on your reply. I don't want to miss it.

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